Jun 14, 2014

Song Covers along these 2 weeks holiday.

Assalammualaikum and Hello~ 
Before I go back to hostel I wanna share my song covers that I have made along this 2 weeks holiday 


So, yeah.
I'm still learning mixing song. Sorry if many of these made your ears bleeding.

Some info here:
Azharu Fizzu & Azharu Tia are my UTAUs/Cadencii(S)
While others are not.
These were my Vocaloid collection~ :]

Okay babai~

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Junkyo No Hikari said...

done watch all the vid some are nice and some are just urm.. but that's good since I don't know how to use it :D and don't have time right now to do that XD ahaha

like someone say, practice make perfect hehe XD