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    Assalammualaikum dan Hello~ ヾ(´^ω^)ノ♪

       Hello there, my name is Fiqah as a short. Long name? You don't need to know. I live at Ampang, Selangor, Malaysia. I stays at Cyberjaya as KRU Student. I'm 2D Animation students. I love to draw, sometime digital and sometime traditional. I collect my traditional artworks and save it in my file.

    I'm shy person actually but once you know me for months you shall know how crazy I am. I always want to finishing my assignments as fast as I can so I can be relax-ing in last minute. I stay at room doing my own stuffs during holiday.

   Oh ya, sometime I make song covers too. I already submit some of it, just go stalk at my youtube nor soundcloud. I want to learn by make vocaloid malay cover first before I make my own song.

    I have my own original characters. They're twin sibling named Dhafiz Azhar & Mutiara Azhar. These twin has already become an UTAU. Their UTAU name is Azharu Fizzu & Azharu Tia.

    Anime? Oh yeah I watch anime too. I love watch anime that kind of have epic awesome battle like Black Bullet, Kill la Kill and Attack on Titan. The things that I hate on anime is I tired of their fanservice. Ughh. I love anime that have mystery plot story too like an anime called Mekakucity Actors. But before you watch it you should read the manga named Kagepro Project and the Vocaloid song made by JIN.