May 26, 2012

Summer Where do We Begin

Err..... Haiii.....

Err... Acctually that title from Phineas And Ferb's song. And Yeahh I'm addicate to Phineas And Ferb song right now. Lalala~ While my friends addicate to Kpop song. And Last Thursday, my father brought another two new hamster T__T And now I have 4 hamster! How can I devide my take care of them... Duhh... Hurmm, they still young, dont know which of them is a girl or boy, I hope two of them is boy or a girl, if one of them is boy and girl, and then one of girl hamster give birth, and another hamster (Koko) give birth too... Haha, You think It's easy to take care of new-born-hamster? T____T

Dont have name yet, because dont know which is boy or girl

Koko and Latte, husband-wife hamster, LOL 

Dengan ini saya mengisytiharkan cuti, selama 2 minggu~ Yeahhhhhh... Tak perlu pergi sekolah~ Menghabiskan masa di rumah dengan online dan melukis sahajalah T___T Semalam pergi perpustakaan dekat Pandan Jaya, best dekat sana~ Macam-macam buku yang ada.. Buku Hafalan Sholat Delisa pun ada, tapi nak pinjam kena masa bulan Jun ni TT_______TT Ish, kalau boleh, dah lama saya pinjam. Kat sana sejuk~ Rasa mcm nak tidur je.. Dan kemudahan memang lengkap ^__^ Walaupun baru dibuka.

I want that booooooooook! 

And this holiday with a lot of thing to do.. Erm,.. just a few things, with this 2 weeks holiday, Me will just dating with my tablet.. Haha, while my friends go outing together to Pavilion and go cinema T____T

My handsome Mr. Tablet with Koko, XD  

So long dont update my tutorial section, wahhhh,.... I will update soon :D And dont forget tomorrow ok! Eat popcorn while watching TV3 at 7pm ;D Yeah~ So long to wait this!

Banyak broken english! Hahahaha, LOL XD :p Oh my english...


ShyStar19 said...

We just have the same pen tablet!! >.< BTW, I really love your hamsters :D I wish i have one? XD

Fiqah Yassin said...


yeah :D You want? No you cant >XD

ShyStar19 said...


Noo!! XD If the new-born hamster is a boy, you should name him Fang *lol* or Mocha ;) then if girl~ you should name her cupcake! ♥

Fiqah Yassin said...
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Fiqah Yassin said...


Oh that's a great idea XD Thanks for the idea~ XD :D

Ira Afable ((FAAAAANG =)) said...


Anytime ;) well, what's his/her name right now? Fang/ Mocha or Cupcake? XD

blog walker here? errrr.. ~

Nur said...

wahhhhhhh ape ni????? korang start cuti akak start belajar DX (6 bulan dah cuti masih tak cukup~!)

Fiqah Yassin said...


amboi akak XD lama tu cuti~ good luck for your university ;D